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Research Participation

THE AUDITORY LAB AT CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY SEEKS PARTICIPANTS with normal hearing and corrected-to-normal vision for research on the ability to identify everyday sounds, detect subtle differences between sounds, or judge their pleasantness (e.g. coughing, airplanes, cows, musical instruments, bouncing balls.) 

Our one-hour in-person experiment on CMU's Pittsburgh campus pays $12. In addition, we offer compensation for local travel of up to $8 for parking/bus costs.

If you are interested in any research opportunities and are over 18 years old, please contact us. If you don't meet the current criteria, please contact us to get on our email list for future studies. Reach us at:

Email: or

Phone: (412) 268-8669

Research Experience

If you are a CMU student interested in learning how to conduct auditory research, please contact us at Please provide a summary of your background and GPA. An interest in audio and acoustics is beneficial, but not essential.  You'll most likely learn to use Matlab and/or an online research platform. We do offer "first research" experiences for Dietrich students in the course 85-198J. We also supervise senior honors theses and summer fellowships such as SURF/SURG.