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The Sound Events Database is a unique collection of recordings of sounds that were made for research purposes. A variety of objects underwent various impacts, scrapes, rolls, and deformations; liquids were dripped, poured, sloshed and splashed. Every type of sound event includes five exemplars, and each exemplar lasts for several seconds (when possible). All repetitive events were repeated at a steady 2 cycles per second. The recording conditions were similar for all sounds, yielding virtually no differences in background noise or spectral shaping. None of the sounds are clipped and all were recorded with high-quality equipment with a flat frequency response inside of a sound-attenuating chamber treated with acoustic foam wedges (equipment specifications available). Details about all of the recording conditions are documented in the downloads, including videos that show how the actual objects were handled. This is an NSF-funded Sound Events Database. Recordings of sound events can be downloaded individually or in groups, notes and videos detailing the recording procedure can also be downloaded separately or in a single package with all sounds from the database.

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Supplemental Materials: The Underlying Temporal Features in the Transition from Bouncing to Rolling Events

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